Best Tool for Teaching Children Financial Skills!

How It Works Invest in your child's financial future today. The EarnSum Money, Chores, & Envelope System is a fun and simple way to organize chores while teaching our children to work hard, save wisely, give freely, and spend prudently.

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EarnSum Money Work Orders

Fill out the work that you would like performed on the Work Orders. Then place the EarnSum™ Money/Work Orders in the convenient organizer so that your Earner can pick up the Work Orders and perform the tasks when you want them completed. We recommend several paying tasks per day. You should lay out the entire week for them. There are extra Work Orders to use when you need special jobs completed, such as washing and vacuuming the car or cutting the grass. Read More

Earnings Envelope

Once a Work Order is completed to your satisfaction, the Earner should place the completed EarnSum™ Money/Work Order in the EarnSum™ Earnings Envelope. This envelope holds the Work Orders until payday when they will be exchanged for cash money. Waiting until payday helps build patience and forces your worker to plan ahead for purchases. Read More

Envelope System

On payday, exchange the EarnSum™ Money from the EarnSum™ Earnings Envelope for real money and have your child separate the money into their SaveSum™ Savings Envelope, their GiveSum™ Giving Envelope, and their SpendSum™ Spending Envelope according to the allocation you choose in advance and place the EarnSum™ Money Work Orders back in the convenient organizer for the next week’s jobs. We recommend allocating 50% savings, 20% giving and 30% spending, but the allocation %’s are completely up to you. We also recommend that you have payday once a week on a given day even if you are only paid bi-weekly or monthly. This is for quicker reinforcement of the concepts in the system. Read More

Parent Tracking Ledger

Track earnings, giving, saving and spending using the EarnSum™ Ledger to see how much has been earned and how much has been allocated to savings, giving, and spending in one convenient place. The EarnSum™ Ledger in spreadsheet format is available as a free download. Read More

Earn, Save, Give & Spend

When your earner adds money to each envelope, have them log the amount in the ledger on the appropriate envelope. As they give or spend money from each envelope, they should log where it went, the amount, and the running balance on the envelope ledger. Over time, your earner will be able to see how much they have earned, saved, given and spent in one convenient location. Read More

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